Here are my morning reads:

• World Led by U.S. Poised for Fastest Growth Since 2010 (Bloomberg) see also David Rosenberg: U.S. economy in 2014 has more upside than many think (Financial Post)

• A Noble Lie on Market Timing (Morningstar)

• Bullish Sentiment is Now Officially Embarrassing (Reformed Broker) but see Risk from bubble trouble is overblown (FT)

• Planning your year-end charitable giving (Fidelity)

• Have you noticed? Equities are the new bonds (FT Alphaville) but see As stocks hit record highs, so do profit warnings (USA Today)

• Snapshots of retail sales are coming in blurry (WSJ)

• Today’s Volcker Rule, Now With Even Less Volcker! (Bloomberg)

• Intel’s Missed “Opportunity” (stratēchery)

• Scientists Discover a Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics (Wired)

• Parents are buying their kids all the wrong toys (Quartz)

What are you reading?

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