Source: WSJ
Source: WSJ

Some reads to start off your holiday-shortened week:

• Confusing Fear Bubbles With Stock Bubbles (Investing Caffeine) see also Short sellers have had a miserable year as the stock market has hit record highs (WSJ)

• The Secret Science of Stock Symbols (New Yorker)

• How the Media Blows Bubbles (Motley Fool)

This should start a nice fight: Does Chart Analysis Really Work? (WSJ)

•Columbia Journalism Review: A bogus NY Post piece sets off a frenzy on unemployment (CJR)

• Global gas revolution starts to take shape (FT) see also In New Energy Era, Gushers of Opportunity (WSJ)

• Reddit’s wild plan to make Black Friday less terrible this year (Daily Dot)

• Gut Bacteria Might Guide the Workings Of Our Minds (NPR)

• The Battle For the Connected Home Is Heating Up (TechCrunch)

• James Bond Fan Art Posters (Behance)

What are you reading?

Some Stock Bulls Tread Lightly Into 2014

Source: WSJ
Source: WSJ