10 Weekend Reads: Suze Orman, American Savior?

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My longer form weekend reading:

• The Hidden Technology That Makes Twitter Huge (BusinessWeek)

• Wall Street Isn't Worth It (Jacobin), see also Can Suze Orman Save America? (Daily Beast)

• State of Work in the Age of Anxiety: The 40-Year Slump (American Prospect)

• What Does the Book Business Look Like on the Inside? (Vulture)

• Unaccountable: The Pentagon's bad bookkeeping (Reuters), see also Accounting World, Still Resisting Sunlight (NY Times)

• How Republicans Rig the Game (Rolling Stone)

• Saudi Arabia's Prince Turki: 'American policy has been wrong' (Washington Post)

• The Decline of Book Reviewing (Harper's Magazine)

• Will the EU Kill America's Death Penalty? (Vice)

• TV's Crowning Moment of Awesome (Esquire)

What's up for the weekend?

Running of the Bears?

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