Friday Reads: Asteroids, Filibuster and Bob Dylan

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Here are my Friday reads to wrap up your workweek!

• SURVEY: What Financial TV Network Do You Watch? (Business Insider)

• An Optimistic View of the United States (Economix), but see The Most Wonderful Time of the Year May Not Be All That Wonderful for Retailers (WSJ)

• Americans Recover Home Equity at Record Pace (Bloomberg)

• Nine reasons the filibuster change is a huge deal (Washington Post), see also One huge effect of filibuster reform: Obama can actually fire people (Washington Post)

• Active Managers Stink? Blame These All-Too-Common Fund Flaws (Barron's)

• What Constitution? Example of how the police can search your car without a warrant or your consent [video] (boingboing), see also Drivers Stopped at Roadblock Asked for Saliva, Blood (NBC DFW)

• The World's Most Powerful Computer Network Is Being Wasted on Bitcoin (Gizmodo)

• NASA Announces Plan for Capturing Asteroid (National Geographic), see also Will an Asteroid Destroy You Before You Finish This? (Bloomberg)

• The iconic lead statuette of the Maltese Falcon from the 1941 film of the same name (Bonhams)

• The music video for 'Like a Rolling Stone' by @bobdylan is an innovative digital take on an old theme (WSJ), see also Official Interactive Video for "Like A Rolling Stone" (Bob Dylan)

• Day JFK Died We Traded Through Tears as NYSE Shut (Bloomberg)

What is up for the weekend?

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