10 Thursday Reads: Buy Wood and Follow Fowl

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My morning reading:

• Grantham: Buy Wood (Reformed Broker) but see Why guru ETFs beat human gurus (Felix Salmon)

• S&P 500 Celebrates One-Year Above 200-Day Moving Average (MoneyBeat)

• Stock Market Trading: The 20 Rules of Engagement (Minyanville) see also Four Costly Ideas that Hurt Investors (A Dash of Insight)

• Big Thinkers With Quick Answers on the Year Ahead (Businessweek)

• Fed Looks for Other Ways to Aid Economy (NY Times) see also As Fed Searches for Solutions, Its Power Wanes (WSJ)

• Twitter: Find Your Favorite Analyst by Following Fowl? (Institutional Investor)

• Too Sure By Half (Above the Market) see also Anxiety Over Asset Bubbles From Homes to Internet Rising in Poll (Bloomberg)

• What Can We Do About the Fact That We're All a Little Bit Prejudiced? (Pacific Standard)

• Obamacare is Obama's Obamacare. (Not his Katrina.) (Washington Post) see also This chart is amazing news for our health cost problem (Washington Post)

• Hilarious! Stupid Things Equity Research People Say (Tumblr)

What are you reading?

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