10 Thursday Reads: Get Your Invisibility Cloak

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Good morning, some fascinating reads to put your brains in gear:

• 10 reasons to be a bull in 2014, a bear by 2017 (MarketWatch)

• What Is the Value of Stolen Art? (NY Times) see also Nazi Loot Heirs Look To Reclusive Hoarder to Recover Art (Bloomberg)

• Fracking Boom Gives Banks Mortgage Headaches (American Banker)

• How to be a New Keynesian and an Old Keynesian at the same time (Mainly Macro) see also Quantitative easing, not as we know it (Economist)

• 'The Worst 12-Month Stretch' in the History of Pay TV (Atlantic)

• Iceland ain't no Lehman: Paulson to Taconic Frozen in Iceland Bet Five Years After (Bloomberg)

• Why America Has a Mass Incarceration Problem, and Why Germany and the Netherlands Don't (Atlantic Cities)

• Snapchat Went From Frat Boy Dream to Tech World Darling. But Will it Last? (LA Weekly)

• Crazy cool: New 'active' invisibility cloak design 'drastically reduces' visibility (Independent)

• 41 Century-Old Predictions for Our 21st Century Socialist Utopia (Gizmodo)

Here's Where Teens Are Going Instead Of Facebook

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