My end of week reads:

• Wait, wasn't Twitter supposed to be dead by now? (Splat F) see also The Hidden Technology That Makes Twitter Huge (Business Week)

• Unbiased Return on Art (CXO Advisory)

• 20 Years of Sears: Forlorn Stores, Happy Investors. Thank Spinoffs (Yahoo)

• Information, Good and Bad (Adam H. Grimes) see also You can't trust what banks say about rates for borrowing, swaps, currency or oil (Quartz)

• Take fewer risks for greater rewards (MarketWatch)

• Fed won't pull punch bowl at Ben Bernanke's big party (WSJ)

• Shiller: Is Economics a Science? (Project Syndicate)

• How a secretive panel uses data that distort doctors' pay (Washington Post) see also A closer look at the WSJ's newest Obamacare horror story (LA Times)

• Google Gives a Hint About Its Mystery Barges (NY Times)

• How money can buy happiness, wine edition (Felix Salmon)

What are you reading?

Quantitative Easing versus Inflation

Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis via Paul Krugman

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