• Best Stock Market Since 1997 Seen With S&P 500 Momentum (Bloomberg) but see Sommer: The Dangers of a Stock Market Melt-Up (NY Times)

• Reduce the noise levels in your investment process (Washington Post)

• Abandon all hope, ye who venture here (FT Alphaville) see also Is Yale a Model? (original research paper at SSRN)

• Economists overvalue stock markets (Reuters)

• "Frontier" funds have been stars among emerging-markets stock funds this year (WSJ) but see Emerging-market stocks are up 16 percent since June, but some analysts find that troubling (WSJ)

• Nicholas Lemann: Can the S.E.C.’s Mary Jo White Control Wall Street? (New Yorker)

• Dear Google, What’s Wrong With You? (TechCrunch)

• Chris Christie is about to win in a landslide, and he wants every Republican to understand why (Business Insider)

• I Noticed This Tiny Thing On Google Maps. When I Zoomed In … Well, Nothing Could Prepare Me. (Viral Nova)

• 12 Unusually Placed Sports Venues (World Geography)

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