A group in Washington is trying to bring the Olympics to the capital in 2024. The city's journalists could barely hold in their excitement:

Karen Tumulty, Washington Post:

Annie Lowrey, New York Times:

Dylan Byers, Politico:

Ezra Klein, Washington Post and Bloomberg View:

Chris Moody, Yahoo News:

Jackie Kucinich, In Play:

And then they embraced it, starting #DCOlympicEvents on Twitter. If Washington does indeed make the cut, here are six new events we'd like to see. Start training.

  1. Red-Tape Hurdle
  2. Filibuster Marathon
  3. Lobbyist Greco-Roman Wrestling for the Check
  4. Synchronized Stump Speeches
  5. Partisan-Aisle Long Jump
  6. Uneven-Income-Distribution Bars

What are we missing? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

(Kirsten Salyer is social media editor for Bloomberg View. Follow her on Twitter.)