The website Going Concern, which covers the accounting industry in the same way the New York Post covers Lindsay Lohan, has a hilarious article that spotlights a Big Four accounting firm's promotion of ... cuddling.

Yes, cuddling. It seems KPMG LLP has sent postcards to some of its employees under the title "Health Benefits of Cuddling." For those accountants who aren't familiar with the term, it explains: "Cuddling or hugging, a kind of physical relationship, involves holding or closing your arms around the back, waist, or neck of another individual."

It goes on: "The positive benefits of affection and cuddling are not unexpected, and it continues to be utilized by many people." These benefits include reduced stress, lower blood pressure, and better relationships and "should thus be performed by every person in the world."

With tax and audit deadlines approaching, the busy season is here, which means lots of late nights for accountants. If the folks at KPMG can't be with the ones they love to cuddle, maybe they'll just have to cuddle the ones they're with.

(Jonathan Weil is a Bloomberg View columnist. Follow him on Twitter.)

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